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UR Journey Construction

A cohesive group of professionals from diverse backgrounds, including project managers, architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors. Their collective expertise is essential for successfully executing various construction projects, and ensuring adherence to timelines, budgets, and quality standards. Collaborating seamlessly, they navigate through each phase of the construction process, from planning and design to permitting, construction, and quality control.

Sun Meadowlark Mansion


Single Family Homes

Manage the construction of single-family homes through a meticulous process that begins with planning, design, and obtaining necessary permits. Oversee site preparation, foundation construction, framing, enclosure, interior work, and finishing touches, ensuring compliance with regulations and quality standards at every stage. By coordinating with architects, contractors, and subcontractors, we deliver residences that meet clients' needs and expectations. 


Apartments / Condos

Constructing condominiums involves a comprehensive process from planning and design to finalization and handover. This includes obtaining permits, site preparation, foundation construction, structural building, enclosure, interior and common area work, exterior finishing, and rigorous quality control. The goal is to create multi-unit residential buildings that meet high standards of quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal while adhering to regulations and satisfying the needs of future residents. By overseeing every aspect of construction with precision and expertise, we deliver condominiums that stand as symbols of quality and comfort within our communities.

Apartment Building
ADU Construction



Starting with consultation and design, obtaining permits, site preparation, foundation and structural construction, enclosure, interior work, exterior finishing, and rigorous quality control. Throughout each stage, adherence to local building codes and regulations is paramount. The goal is to deliver high-quality secondary housing units that enhance the property's value and meet the needs of homeowners or potential renters.


UR Construction

7031 Koll Center Pkwy, Pleasanton, CA 94566, USA

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